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eMoney Payment System

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Some great updates are comming soon...

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eMoney eMoney payment system integration for Laravel 5.* 😎 Trying to make it perfect, easy to use and awesome package 🎉 Pull requests are welcome.

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Run composer command in your terminal.

composer require zgabievi/e-money


Open config/app.php and find the providers key. Add eMoneyServiceProvider to the array.


Find the aliases key and add Facade to the array.

'eMoney' => Gabievi\eMoney\eMoneyFacade::class


There is main method with will call method by first parameter. And it will return the result of the request:

eMoney::GetResult($method, ...$args);


return eMoney::GetResult('GetBalance');


  "Code": 1,
  "ExtraInfo": null,
  "ID": "374E9088F2FA45F5ABF411DFE9B06D36",
  "Message": "Success",
  "SystemCode": "OK",
  "Value": {
    "AccountBalance": {
      "Account": 110100015,
      "Balance": "0",
      "Currency": "GEL"

Behind the scene it does something like this:

return (array)eMoney::GetBalance(...$args)->GetBalanceResult;

This is the list of all methods:

  • GetServiceGroups();
  • GetServices($group_id);
  • GetServiceProperties($service_id);
  • GetServiceParameterReferences($service_parameter_id);
  • GetInfo($service_id, $parameters);
  • Pay($service_id, $amount, $currency, $txn_id, $parameters);
  • GetTransactionDetails($txn_id);
  • GetTransactionInfo($txn_id);
  • GetStatement($start_date, $end_date);
  • GetBalance();
  • ConfirmPayment($txn_id, $amount, $currency, $parameters);


return eMoney::GetResult('GetStatement', '01/01/2016', '01/14/2016');


  "Code": 1,
  "ExtraInfo": null,
  "ID": "3D3FFA52900E468CA3E3F39CD6819E44",
  "Message": "Success",
  "SystemCode": "OK",
  "Value": {
    "StatementEntry": [
        "Amount": "15",
        "Code": 866730178,
        "Credit": 110100052,
        "Currency": "GEL",
        "Date": "2016-01-12T00:00:00",
        "Debit": 110100015,
        "Description": "12345678910, 02.04.1994, Test #1",
        "ID": 16673017,
        "Status": "Canceled",
        "Type": "Test transaction"
        "Amount": "1",
        "Code": 866730178,
        "Credit": 800000003,
        "Currency": "GEL",
        "Date": "2016-01-12T00:00:00",
        "Debit": 110100015,
        "Description": "Test transaction",
        "ID": 16673019,
        "Status": "Canceled",
        "Type": "Test transaction"


Key Value Description
1 Success OK
11 Unknown Unknown error
12 InvalidHash Invalid hash
13 InvalidParameters Some of the input parameters are invalid
14 InvalidDistributor Invalid distributor name
16 ServicesProviderNotFound Service provider not found
17 AbonentNotFound Abonent not found
19 ParameterNotFound Parameter not found
20 ParameterValueNotFound Parameter value not found
30 Error General error
31 ServiceNotFound Service not found
34 ServiceInternalError Service internal error
40 WrongAmount Wrong amount
41 ServiceTimeout Operation timeout
42 PaymentWontBeAccepted Payment wont be accepted. Your company has not enough balance in eMoney
43 AccountOperationDenied Account operation denied
44 AmountLessThanMin Amount is less than acceptable minumum
45 AmountMoreThanMax Amount is more than acceptable maximum
46 TransactionLimitExceeded Transaction limit exceeded


Publish eMoney config file using command:

php artisan vendor:publish

Created file config\eMoney.php. Inside you can change configuration as you wish.


laravel-emoney is licensed under a MIT License.


  • Create tests to check funtionality
  • Create separated file for response codes
  • Make artisan command that will write this response codes in php file
  • Make eMoney object more Model like