Skebby sms gateway

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What is zen\skebby-bundle?

A bundle that give you a SMS gateway via Italian Skebby company.


In `composer.json` use

    "zen/skebby-bundle": "1.2.*"

In your `app/AppKernerl.php` add:

new Zen\Bundle\SkebbyBundle\SkebbyBundle()

In your `app/config/parameters.yml` add:

skebby_username: myskebbyaccount  # customize this
skebby_password: myskebbypass     # customize this

In your `app/config/config.yml` add:

    username:   %skebby_username%
    password:   %skebby_password%
    # if you want to simulate only the send,
    # uncomment next line
    # but a valid account is required
    #test_mode: true
    # if you want add prefix (not add if already present)
    #add_prefix:         '39'
    # if you want clean phone number
    #clean_regexp:       '/[^0-9]/'  (Remove non number chars)


In your controller use:

    use Zen\Bundle\SkebbyBundle\Util\Skebby;

    public function sendSmsAction()
        $skebby = $this->getSkebby();

        $text = "Hello!";
        $result = $skebby->sendSMS(array('tel1', 'tel2', 'telx'), $text, Skebby::SMS_TYPE_CLASSIC);

     * Get Skebby service
     * @return \Zen\Bundle\SkebbyBundle\Lib\ManagerSkebby
    private function getSkebby()
        return $this->getContainer()->get('skebby');

You can use these console commands:

$ php app/console skebby:credit
$ php app/console skebby:sms:basic -d=<number1> -d=<number2> -d=<numberX> <text message>