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Yii Console Runner

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The package contains a bootstrap for running Yii3 console application.


  • PHP 8.0 or higher.


The package could be installed with composer:

composer require yiisoft/yii-runner-console --prefer-dist

General usage

In your console entry script do the following:

#!/usr/bin/env php


use Yiisoft\Yii\Runner\Console\ConsoleApplicationRunner;

require_once __DIR__ . '/autoload.php';

(new ConsoleApplicationRunner(__DIR__, $_ENV['YII_DEBUG'], $_ENV['YII_ENV']))->run();

Additional configuration

By default, the ConsoleApplicationRunner is configured to work with Yii application templates. You can override the default configuration using immutable setters.

Override the name of the bootstrap configuration group as follows:

 * @var Yiisoft\Yii\Runner\Console\ConsoleApplicationRunner $runner

// Bootstrap configuration group name by default is "bootstrap-web".
$runner = $runner->withBootstrap('my-bootstrap-config-group-name');

// Disables the use of bootstrap configuration group.
$runner = $runner->withoutBootstrap();

In debug mode, event configurations are checked, to override, use the following setters:

 * @var Yiisoft\Yii\Runner\Console\ConsoleApplicationRunner $runner

// Configuration group name of events by default is "events-web".
$runner = $runner->withCheckingEvents('my-events-config-group-name');

// Disables checking of the event configuration group.
$runner = $runner->withoutCheckingEvents();

If the configuration instance settings differ from the default, such as configuration group names, you can specify a customized configuration instance:

 * @var Yiisoft\Config\ConfigInterface $config
 * @var Yiisoft\Yii\Runner\Console\ConsoleApplicationRunner $runner

$runner = $runner->withConfig($config);

The default container is Yiisoft\Di\Container. But you can specify any implementation of the Psr\Container\ContainerInterface:

 * @var Psr\Container\ContainerInterface $container
 * @var Yiisoft\Yii\Runner\Console\ConsoleApplicationRunner $runner

$runner = $runner->withContainer($container);


The package is tested with Codeception. To run tests:

./vendor/bin/codecept run

Static analysis

The code is statically analyzed with Psalm. To run static analysis:



The Yii Console Runner is free software. It is released under the terms of the BSD License. Please see LICENSE for more information.

Maintained by Yii Software.

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