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When you implement YetiForce CRM, then you will find yourself wanting to communicate with your customers through a professional customer portal. That is why we created for you YetiForcePortal that integrates with CRM and has a wide range of functionalities.

dev-developer 2021-05-07 12:33 UTC


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The Customer Portal complements YetiForce CRM and is the most effective communication tool for your customers. It’s easy to use and delivers many new functions. You can reduce operating expenses by providing support 24 hours a day. YetiForce Portal delivers also greater customer experiences as your clients can see all relevant information and the current status of their tickets in one place.

YetiForce Customer Portal


  1. Put files on web server
  2. Point web server document root to public_html directory
  3. Run:
  • yarn install --modules-folder "./public_html/libraries" --ignore-optional
  • composer install
  1. Adjust configuration

🏳️ Customer Portal Languages

Languages package

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