A library validating and filtering submitted data by reusing html form attributes

1.6.0 2021-12-24 09:39 UTC


Continuous Integration

As challenged by a tweet, this library extracts validation rules and filters from a html form and validates submitted user data against it.

It's pretty crazy what you have to do to get a form build in frameworks. Create a lot of php classes for elements, validation, etc. So why not build a html form and use the standard element attributes to extract the validation rules and filters. Together with some powerful html compliant data attributes you can create forms, customize validation rules and filters in one place.


$ composer require xtreamwayz/html-form-validator


All project documentation is located in the ./docs folder. If you would like to contribute to the documentation, please submit a pull request. You can read the docs online: https://xtreamwayz.github.io/html-form-validator/


BEFORE you start work on a feature or fix, please read & follow the contributing guidelines to help avoid any wasted or duplicate effort.

Copyright and license

Code released under the MIT License. Documentation distributed under CC BY 4.0.