provide PHP Object Injection safe unserialize function

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This composer package provides unserialize function that is safe for PHP Obejct Injection (POI).

If normal unserialize function is used for deserializing user input in your PHP application:

  1. Don't use this package, use json_decode in order to avoid PHP Object Injection
  2. If compatibility matters, first use this function and then try to use json_decode in the near future

Why POI-safe?

unserialize function in this package only deserializes boolean, integer, floating point number, string, and array, and not deserializes object instance. Since any instances that has magic method for POP chain (such as __destruct or __toString) cannot instantiate, any plan to exploit POP chain just fails. ( You can read detailed explanation of POP chain https://www.insomniasec.com/downloads/publications/Practical%20PHP%20Object%20Injection.pdf )


$ composer require xkerman/restricted-unserialize

How to use

if your PHP version > 5.5:

require 'path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

use function xKerman\Restricted\unserialize;
use xKerman\Restricted\UnserializeFailedException;

try {
} catch (UnserializeFailedException $e) {
    echo 'failed to unserialize';

if your PHP version >= 5.3 and <= 5.5:

require 'path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

use xKerman\Restricted;
use xKerman\Restricted\UnserializeFailedException;

try {
} catch (UnserializeFailedException $e) {
    echo 'failed to unserialize';

if your PHP version is 5.2:

require_once 'path/to/generated/src/xKerman/Restricted/bootstrap.php';

try {
} catch (xKerman_Restricted_UnserializeFailedException $e) {
    echo 'failed to unserialize';

Related other packages


mikegarde/unserialize-fix package provides \unserialize\fix function that tries to use unserialize function first. So the function is not POI-safe.


academe/serializeparser package privides \Academe\SerializeParser\Parser::parse method that is PHP-implemented unserialize, but doesn't deserialize object instances. So the method seems that POI-safe, but there is no test.


jeroenvdheuve/serialization package provides \jvdh\Serialization\Unserializer\unserialize method that is also PHP-implemented unserialize, and doesn't deserialize object instance. So the method seems that POI-safe. The method can deserialize serialized PHP references, which cannot deserialized by this (xkerman/restricted-unserilize) package. By using PHP reference, we can create cyclic structure, but that makes migration to json_decode harder, since JSON doesn't support cyclic structure decode/encode.


To generate code for PHP 5.2, run composer run generate. Generated code will be saved under genereated/ directory.


MIT License