This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the innoweb/silverstripe-section-io package instead.

Integration of the varnish cache

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Integrates a SilverStripe installation with varnish cache. is a cloud installation of varnish running on AWS.

It uses varnish bans for flushing, which bans the objects from being delivered from cache (and are therefor re-loaded into the cache from the origin server).

The module currently has the following functionality:

  • flush SiteTree objects from the varnish cache onAfterPublish(). The ban allows different strategies, see configuration section below.
  • flush files (i.e. PDF, DOC, etc) from the cache onAfterWrite().
  • flush images and all resampled versions of those images onAfterWrite().


  • SilverStripe CMS ^4.0


Install the module using composer:

composer require innoweb/silverstripe-section-io dev-master

Then run dev/build.

See documentation for further details.


BSD 3-Clause License, see License


See documentation