Codeception module for WPGraphQL API testing

v2.3.0 2022-05-25 14:49 UTC


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Is a library of tools for testing WPGraphQL APIs, designed for both WPGraphQL and WPGraphQL extension development. Currently the library only consisted of a Codeception Testcase built on top wp-browser's WPTestCase class.


  1. Run composer require wp-graphql/wp-graphql-testcase from your project directory in the terminal.
  2. (Optionally: Codeception only) If your didn't already have codeception installed in the project, run vendor/bin/codecept init wpbrowser.
  3. To make a test case generate a with vendor/bin/codecept generate:wpunit wpunit TestName. Then just change the extending class to \Tests\WPGraphQL\TestCase\WPGraphQLTestCase 🤷‍♂️

Going forward

There are plans to add more to this library, and contribution are greatly appreciated 🙏.