Codeception module for WPGraphQL API testing

v2.3.0 2022-05-25 14:49 UTC


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Is a library of tools for testing WPGraphQL APIs, designed for both WPGraphQL and WPGraphQL extension development. Currently the library only consisted of a Codeception Testcase built on top wp-browser's WPTestCase class.


  1. Run composer require wp-graphql/wp-graphql-testcase from your project directory in the terminal.

Codeception Only

  1. If your didn't already have codeception installed in the project, run vendor/bin/codecept init wpbrowser.
  2. To make a test case generate a with vendor/bin/codecept generate:wpunit wpunit TestName. Then just change the extending class to \Tests\WPGraphQL\TestCase\WPGraphQLTestCase 🤷‍♂️

Going Forward

There are plans to add more to this library, and contribution are greatly appreciated 🙏.


To contribute, fork this repository and open a PR with your requested changes back into the main repository.

Local Development

To develop locally, you need to have Docker and Composer installed.

Composer Setup

To ensure you have the necessary local dependencies, first run composer install.

Docker Setup

This project currently uses a docker-compose.yml v2 file. To spin this up, run docker-compose up -d.

Local Tests

To run the local tests, use composer run-phpunit or composer run-codeception. You should see the tests pass with output generated in the terminal.

Test Coverage

The CI process uses coveralls.io to store coverage reports. This is available for free for open-source projects, and is required to run the CI process. Sign up for free and add your COVERALLS_REPO_TOKEN value to GitHub Actions secrets.


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