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A fast inspector to inspect and edit files

v1.0.0-BETA1 2013-01-22 15:54 UTC

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Last update: 2024-05-25 00:21:44 UTC


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Inspector is a simple tool that can be used to search in a directory for a given string or pattern.


Inspector is available as a composer package on packagist. Installing it is quite simple:

$ composer create-project wouterj/inspector


This is a quick documentation, advantage documentation is added during the BETA period

Inspector has just one command at this moment, called inspect. This will inspect a directory:

# searches for files which contains 'hello'
$ php inspector.php inspect -p 'hello'

This command has multiple options:

  • --pattern (-p): This is the pattern which you are looking for. (required)

    # searches for files which contains 'foo' or 'bar'
    $ php inspector.php inspect -p '/(foo|bar)/'
  • --dir (-d): This is the directory to search in, if this is empty it will search in the current directory.

    # searches in the %current_dir%/hello directory
    $ php inspector.php inspect -p 'foo' -d hello
  • --filter (-f): This can be a Regex, to determine which files should be ignored, or a name of one of the build in filters (more about this in the filters section).

    # ignores all php files
    $ php inspector.php inspect -p 'foo' -f '*.php'


Inspector has one build-in filter at the moment. Filters provide a solution for common --filter pattern.


This filter will search for a .gitignore file in the root of the document and ingores every file that is in there.

$ php inspector.php inspect -p 'foo' --filter gitignore


Inspector love contributors. Please, fork this repo, create a new branch, improve this code and open a PR. Inspector uses the Symfony Coding Standards

If you do not want to contribute with writing code, you can also help to review the issues/PRs.