Wizaplace's PHP SDK

1.146.3 2022-01-04 11:05 UTC

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Last update: 2022-01-11 10:30:09 UTC


PHP SDK for the Wizaplace e-commerce API: https://sandbox.wizaplace.com/api/v1/doc/


composer require wizaplace/sdk


You can find some small examples there: Wizaplace\SDK\Tests\ExampleTest


Running linters and tests

With Docker

./docker-make all

Directly on your machine

Requires Make, Composer, and all dependencies defined in composer.json.

composer install
make all

To run a single test, run the following command:

vendor/bin/phpunit --debug --verbose tests/PathToTestClass/MyServiceTest.php --filter testMyFunction

When you run the test testMyFunction() of the file MyServiceTest.php, a cassette at the format testMyFunction.yml will be generated in the directory MyServiceTest. Everytime you want to reload the test, you will have to delete the cassette.

php-vcr behaviour

Any changes to an API call in a tested method will make regenerate the cassette files (this needs the tests to be run twice). Those changes need to be committed alongside your code.


When master is ready to be deployed on Packagist.org:

  • Go to the releases page on Github
  • Click on "Draft a new release"
  • Choose a new tag following semver (e.g. 1.30.1)
  • Change the target to master
  • Set the release title to "Release {version}" (e.g. "Release 1.30.1")
  • Copy the relevant section of the Changelog in the release description, or if the version is a patch, just write the list of fixes in a list
  • Click on "Publish release"
  • Check that the version is published on Packagist