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Windwalker is a RAD framework of Joomla! CMS.

We provides modern functions and interfaces help developer quickly create extensions. Windwalker contains single action controller(Joomla new MVC), XUL engine, console interface, Dependency Injection, DataMapper and code generator.

Hope our framework bring you a joy time :)

Version 1 and 2

This is the version 2 repository, all folder with lower case is legacy code, and all folders with capitals is for version 2 and follows PSR-0 naming standard.

The version 2 has already release 1.0.

Installation Via Composer

cd /your/joomla/dir
php composer.phar create-project windwalker/joomla-rad libraries/windwalker 2.*

Generate a new extension

php bin/windwalker generator init com_flower sakura.sakuras -c admin


Windwalker RAD Document


Author : Simon Asika

Joomla!CMS version : 3.2 and newer

First release : 2012-05-05

All extensions created by Windwalker