The open source PHP flexible payments library and frontend/backend mediator.

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SmashPig payments library

This project uses Composer [] to manage dependencies.
Upon first install and any upgrade please run composer install.

SmashPig uses two types of configuration files.

Global configuration files define settings shared across all payment providers,
including database and queue settings. Default global configuration values are
located in config/main.yaml. These are overridden by values in
/etc/smashpig/main.yaml, then by values in ~/.smashpig/main.yaml.

Provider configurations files contain settings which may differ between payment
providers, such as account credentials and HTTP request settings. Defaults are
in config/provider-defaults.yaml. They are overridden in a similar cascade by
the same file in /etc/smashpig and ~/.smashpig, then overridden by settings in
subdirectories named for the relevant payment processor. So for example, to
enable debug logging only for paypal, you would add the 'logging:' top-level
key to /etc/smashpig/paypal/main.yaml, then 'log-level: 7' nested under that.

If you need to deploy provider configuration files in a separate directory from
the global /etc/smashpig/main.yaml, set the provider-configuration-directory
key in that global configuration file to point to your alternate directory.

Command-line maintenance scripts have some common options:
    --memory-limit overrides the limit specified in php.ini
    --config-path specifies a top-priority override configuration file path
    --config-node specifies which processor-specific configuration to use

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