Add a watchlist to frontend of TYPO3

v1.0.1 2024-02-21 09:16 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-21 10:13:18 UTC


TYPO3 Extension Watchlist

Adds the feature of a watchlist to the frontend of TYPO3 CMS.

Users are able to add "items" to the watchlist. They are also able to remove things from watchlist and show the current watchlist.

Items can be anything. The extension uses interfaces and developers are able to connect whatever they want to be a thing that can be added to the watchlist.

Feature set

The extension provides an controller with actions to add and remove items from watchlists. Each item can only exist once within each watchlist.

There is also an action to show a watchlist.

The extension has the concept of multiple watchlists if necessary, provide the watchlist identifier, it will fallback to "default". But the only storage implementation of cookie does not handle that concept yet.

The extension does not ship with any out of the box support. Projects are way too different and should provide their own items, see "Custom Items". But an example is provided, see Example section below.

The extension also provides a JavaScript which will parse data-Attributes of DOM and attach listener to add elements to the watchlist.

Allows to render the items of watchlist within an EXT:form form.


The extension only provides the functionality, no concrete project specific implementation. It is up to the developer and integrator of the project to provide necessary pieces, see "Custom Items". The extension always only uses identifier of each item and does not know anything else about items.

Custom Items

A developer needs to implement an ItemHandler and an class representing the Item. FormElementAwareItem can optionally be implemented as well, in order to make use of items within an EXT:form form.

The used identifier has to be unique throughout the system. The first part is the item type which is returned by the ItemHandler to be handled, followed by a minus and the rest of the identifier, leading to: <type>-rest-of-identifier.

Commas should not be used within the identifier. The identifiers will be stored in as csv within a cookie.


The class needs to implement the WerkraumMedia\Watchlist\Domain\ItemHandlerInterface. The purpose is to convert an identifier of that item to an actual instance of that item. The Handler needs to be registered via Symfony Tags, e.g. via Services.yaml:

  tags: ['watchlist.itemHandler']


The class needs to implement the WerkraumMedia\Watchlist\Domain\Model\Item.


The class can implement the WerkraumMedia\Watchlist\Domain\Model\FormElementAwareItem.

The methods are used by the default EXT:form integration. It is up to the developer + integrator to not use this interface and alter the rendering.


The extension delivers an example implementation for testing purposes, check out:

  • Tests/Fixtures/WatchlistExample/Classes/Domain/Items/Page/ItemHandler.php
  • Tests/Fixtures/WatchlistExample/Classes/Domain/Items/Page/Page.php This implements both Item as well as FormElementAwareItem.
  • Tests/Fixtures/WatchlistExample/Configuration/Services.yaml

The example demonstrates how to fetch information from database, including file references.

EXT:form integration

The provided Configuration needs to be loaded via TypoScript. Use a free identifier:

plugin.tx_form.settings.yamlConfigurations {
    80 = EXT:watchlist/Configuration/Form/Setup.yaml

This will register a new form element type Watchlist that can be used like this:

  type: Watchlist
  identifier: watchlist-1
  label: 'Watchlist'

A default template is provided which will render all items with checkboxes.


The JavaScript respects two data- attributes:


Defines that this element will hold the current number of items on watch list. The JavaScript will update the content of the element.

<span data-watchlist-counter class="watchlist-badge-counter"></span>

Defines that this element represents an actual item. The attribute needs the identifier of the item as value, e.g.: data-watchlist-item="page-1"

An EventListener will be added listening for click events on that element. Each click will toggle the state of the item on the watch list.

The JavaScript will add a CSS class to the element, depending on the state of the item. watchlist-inactive will be added in case the item is not on the watchlist. watchlist-active will be added in case the item is on the watchlist.

A custom Event will be triggered whenever an item is added or removed from the watchlist. The event is triggered on the document. The event provides the identifier of the item. An example listener can look like:

document.addEventListener('WatchlistUpdate', function(event) {


A concrete example can be found within Tests/Fixtures/FrontendRendering.typoscript. This example includes the provided JavaScript file as well as some custom CSS and Markup. The content element is not necessary.



  • Fix broken registration of plugin as content element within TCA. We used different cases for ExtensionName and PluginName while configuring and registering a plugin. That lead to the issue that the plugin was also registered as list_type aka "Insert Plugin". But there was no rendering definition. We manually added the CType registration.

    This is now fixed by properly calling the registerPlugin() method. That way extbase can find the CType definition and will add it as CType instead of list_type.

  • Fix broken cookie handling.

    • For some reason we used the /typo3/ path while storing cookies server side. But we used / in JavaScript. That didn't play together and was fixed to always be / for now, but it should be configurable in general. The fix revealed that the detection of whether to store a cookie was broken, which was fixed within the corresponding service.
    • Furthermore the dates how long the cookie should be stored was different. We now always use 7 days.
    • And we now properly encode the value of the cookie, in order to prevent issues with special meanings like ;. This was already done on PHP side but not within JS.