To handle all generic function and features.

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Eatcard Companion

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This companion package will help our team to manage to generic functionality and features at one place.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require weboccult/eatcard-companion


use Weboccult\EatcardCompanion\Traits\TRAIT_NAME;
use function Weboccult\EatcardCompanion\Helpers\{FUNCTION1, FUNCTION2};

Available Services

  • Order : To handle common order creation logic
  • Print : To generate common json for all type of prints - SQS | Protocol | Label | Full Receipt | Performa Receipt | Kitchen print.
  • Sms : to send sms with very fluent and elegant API
  • MultiSafe : to handle mutisafe transactions
  • OneSignal : to handle push notification for mobile apps

Please check below documents for more details

Companion Config

here's how you can use publish companion config file to manage numerous settings

php artisan eatcardcompanion:publish --type=config

It will publish eatcardCompanion.php to your parent project

Please check EATCARD_COMPANION.md for more details

Sms Config & Migration

here's how you can use publish sms config file to manage numerous settings

php artisan eatcardsms:publish --type=config

It will publish eatcardSms.php to your parent project

php artisan eatcardsms:publish --type=migration

It will publish one migration to your parent project to store sms history.

Please check EATCARD_SMS.md for more details

Translation Support

Please check TRANSLATION_USAGE.md for more details

View Support

Please check VIEW_USAGE.md for more details

PDD stream and download Support

Please check PDF_USAGE.md for more details


Helper Functions


Please see CHANGELOG.md for more information on what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING.md for details.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.