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Webino Develop

Developer utilities.

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Recommended Usage

Do use utility functions only for development usage.


PHP from Packagist

composer require webino\develop

Quick Use

Utility functions, development only:

d($foo);  // var_dump();
dd($foo); // var_dump();exit;
p($foo);  // print_r();
pd($foo); // print_r();exit;
pr($foo); // return print_r();
e();  // throw new \Webino\DevException;


  • void d(mixed $subject)
    Var dumping the subject.

  • void d(mixed $subject)
    Dying var dumping the subject.

  • void p(mixed $subject)
    Enhanced subject print scream.

  • void pd(mixed $subject)
    Dying enhanced subject print scream.

  • string pr(mixed $subject)
    Enhanced subject print return.

  • void bd(mixed $subject)
    Debugger bar var dumping the subject.

  • void e(string $msg = '')
    Development exception.


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Static analysis:

composer analyse

Coding style check:

composer check

Coding style fix:

composer fix


composer test

Git pre-commit setup:

ln -s ../../pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit


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Please, if you are interested in this library report any issues and don't hesitate to contribute. We will appreciate any contributions on development of this library.

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