UnifiedArchive - an archive manager with unified interface of working with all popular archive formats (zip/7z/rar/gz/bz2/xz/cab/tar/tar.gz/tar.bz2/tar.x/tar.Z/...) for PHP with ability for listing, reading, extracting and creation + built-in console archive manager.

1.2.0 2023-06-30 15:52 UTC


UnifiedArchive - an archive manager with unified interface for different formats that works on wide variety of system configuration. It supports all basic operations on widespread formats and some format-specific features for most popular ones (zip, rar, 7z, tar).

Main purpose of this library is to create unified interface for popular archive formats, that works in various system configurations via different drivers, when there is no ability to update system configuration, when code delivered to another system configurations, or when you just want to install libraries and work. It's handy when there's need to support archive types regardless of the system configuration.

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  1. Functions & Features
  2. How it works
  3. Quick start
  4. Built-in console archive manager
  5. Usage
  6. Drivers & formats
  7. Full API description
  8. Changelog

Functions & Features

UnifiedArchive is aimed to provide all operations on popular archive formats (zip, tar, rar, 7z) by all means and at better performance (depends on your OS/PHP configuration). Also, it allows to work with less popular archive types (with lack of functions).

Main functions:

  • Open an archive with automatic format detection (more 20 formats).
  • List archive content, calculate original size of archive
  • Get details (original size, date of modification) of every archived file. Extract or stream archived file content
  • Extract all archive content. Append an archive with new files or directories. Remove files from archive
  • Create new archives with files/directories on disk and stream from memory
  • Fully implemented PclZip-like interface for archives for all formats. Easy transition from old PclZip.
  • Bundled with cli utility

Specific functions:

How it works

UnifiedArchive uses "drivers", which can be one of types:

  1. PHP Extensions
  2. Utilities + bridge
  3. Pure PHP

By default, UA goes top-down to select first available driver for passed archive. So, PHP Extension driver will be used (if available), then Utilities + bridge driver (if available), and then Pure PHP driver.

There is at least one driver in all three types, which handles zip format, so this format can be fully supported in any OS/PHP configuration:

  1. PHP extensions: zip / phar
  2. Utility + bridge: SevenZip / AlchemyZippy
  3. Pure: NelexaZip / SplitbrainPhpArchive

tar format (with compressed variants) supported by:

  1. PHP extension: phar
  2. Utility + bridge: SevenZip / AlchemyZippy
  3. Pure: TarByPear / SplitbrainPhpArchive

So, there is always one driver that supports popular formats, and you should not remember how to work with this concrete driver (zip/phar/SevenZip/AlchemyZippy/NelexaZip/SplitbrainPhpArchive), interface for them is uniform.

Quick start

Installation and configuration

Install library

composer require wapmorgan/unified-archive
#Check supported formats with installed drivers
./vendor/bin/cam system:formats
#Check supported functions for zip format
./vendor/bin/cam system:format zip

Install new driver

#Read installation instructions from
./vendor/bin/cam system:drivers
#install missing drivers, for example pear/archive_tar
composer require pear/archive_tar
#check out driver functions
./vendor/bin/cam system:formats TarByPear

#if needed, install extensions, cli tools and php libraries
#to enable support of other formats


use \wapmorgan\UnifiedArchive\UnifiedArchive;
$output_dir = '/var/www/extracted';
# Extraction
$archive = UnifiedArchive::open('archive.zip'); // archive.rar, archive.tar.bz2
if (disk_free_space($output_dir) < $archive->getOriginalSize()) {
    throw new \RuntimeException('No needed space available. Need ' . ($archive->getOriginalSize() - disk_free_space($output_dir)) . ' byte(s) more');
$extracted = $archive->extract($output_dir);
echo 'Number of extracted files' . $extracted.PHP_EOL;

# Archiving
    'README.md' => '/default/path/to/README.md',
    '' => '/folder/with/content/',
], 'archive.zip');

Built-in console archive manager

UnifiedArchive is distributed with a unified console program to manipulate archives. It supports all formats and all operations on them that UnifiedArchive does, so it can be used to manipulate archives without other system software. To show help, launch it:

./vendor/bin/cam list # help
./vendor/bin/cam archive:info archive.tar.gz # archive information
./vendor/bin/cam files:list -l archive.tar.gz # files list (or files:table for table)
./vendor/bin/cam archive:extract archive.tar.gz ./OUTPUT/ # extraction all archive
./vendor/bin/cam archive:create --compression=maximum archive2.tar.gz ./OUTPUT/partners # archive creation from files