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Holmes web application

Holmes is a software to detect images in another images using JavaCV and OpenCV. https://github.com/waldemarnt/holmes

The Holmes Web, is a good way to make a service to create this images for you using the web, for example, varius websites can use the same holmes web to find images in images using the http protocol.


The Holmes web is a php application created using silex, and very easy to start.

Downloading via composer

$ composer require waldema/holmes-web

After download is done, rename your config.yaml.default to config.yaml and configure like this


holmes-binaries: 'C:\\java\\holmes.jar' //default jar location in your system

default-nest-image: localhost //not implemented yet

result-web-dir: 'http://localhost/holmes-web/images/matches/' //url to access matches folder from browser

debug: true //silex debug boolean


after the installation is done, you can send the image and parameters using a similar url

http://localhost/holmes-web/web/match_images // match_images is the action

Send a post for this url passing this parameters

template: is a big image

nest: is a image to find in the template

width: is the width size of the new image

height: is the height of the new image

preview: is a boolean to show a window with the preview of created image, this preview is opened in the server.

After your post done , you will receive a response like this.

    "data": {
        "url": "http://localhost/holmes-web/images/matches/df08781cc6221daeff1b2d4d03fd63d9.jpg"
    "status": "success"
    "data": {
    "status": "error"


We use 3 libs to make it happens

  • Holmes java
  • bytedeco/javacv
  • OpenCv