The Pimcore skeleton for projects at w-vision.


Local Development

Create valid HTTPS certificates

mkcert -install
sudo mkcert -cert-file /etc/ssl/dev.local+4.pem -key-file /etc/ssl/dev.local+4-key.pem dev.local "*.dev.local" localhost ::1
sudo chown <username>:staff /etc/ssl/dev.local+4.pem /etc/ssl/dev.local+4-key.pem

Don't forget to add your local domain to your hosts file:

sudo nano /etc/hosts your-domain.dev.local

Create a new Project

composer create-project w-vision/pimcore-skeleton:10.5

Start and connect to Docker container

docker compose up -d && docker compose exec php bash

Install Pimcore

php vendor/bin/pimcore-install --admin-username=admin \
                               --admin-password=admin \
                               --mysql-host-socket=db \
                               --mysql-username=pimcore \
                               --mysql-password=pimcore \

Install Node Modules and run Webpack

Open a new terminal and run the following command locally.

yarn install && yarn dev


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