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The Toolbox is a Kickstarter for your every day project. It provides some important bricks and structure basics which allow rapid and quality-oriented web development.

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Release Plan

Release Supported Pimcore Versions Supported Symfony Versions Release Date Maintained Branch
3.x 6.0 - 6.8 3.4, ^4.4 16.07.2019 Feature Branch master
2.8 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 3.4 30.06.2019 Bugfix only 2.8
1.8 4.0 -- 28.04.2017 Unsupported pimcore4


"require" : {
    "dachcom-digital/toolbox" : "~3.2.0"

Installation via Extension Manager

After you have installed the Toolbox Bundle via composer, open pimcore backend and go to Tools => Extension:

  • Click the green + Button in Enable / Disable row
  • Click the green + Button in Install/Uninstall row


Upgrading via Extension Manager

After you have updated the Toolbox Bundle via composer, open pimcore backend and go to Tools => Extension:

  • Click the green + Button in Update row

Upgrading via CommandLine

After you have updated the Toolbox Bundle via composer:

  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:bundle:update ToolboxBundle

Migrate via CommandLine

Does actually the same as the update command and preferred in CI-Workflow:

  • Execute: $ bin/console pimcore:migrations:migrate -b ToolboxBundle

What's the meaning of Toolbox?

  • create often used bricks in a second
  • extend, override toolbox bricks
  • add config elements via yml configuration
  • add consistent and beautiful config elements
  • implement conditions to your config (for example: display a dropdown in config window if another checkbox has been checked)
  • add your custom bricks while using the toolbox config environment
  • removes the default pimcore_area_* element wrapper from each brick

And what's not?

  • It's not an Avada Theme. While the Toolbox provides some basic Javascript for you, you need to implement and mostly modify them by yourself.
  • Toolbox supports only the twig template engine, so there is no way to activate the php template engine (and there will never be such thing).

Frontend JS Implementation
We're providing some helpful Javascript Plugins to simplify your daily work with the ToolboxBundle. Read more about the javascript implementation here.

Available Toolbox Bricks

The Toolbox provides a lot of ready-to-use Bricks:

  • Accordion
  • Anchor
  • Columns
  • Container
  • Content
  • Download
  • Gallery
  • Google Map
  • Headline
  • iFrame
  • Image
  • Link List
  • Parallax Container
  • Parallax Container Section
  • Separator
  • Slide Columns
  • Spacer
  • Teaser
  • Video

Additional Editables

Further Information

Pimcore Fixes / Overrides

  • Fix the pimcore iframe maskFrames bug (in some cases the iframe overlay field does not apply to the right position)
  • Transforms all the brick config buttons (pimcore_area_edit_button_*) to more grateful ones.

Copyright and license

For licensing details please visit LICENSE.md

Upgrade Info

Before updating, please check our upgrade notes!