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A Things 3 package for Laravel

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This package provides several models for interacting with a Things 3 SQLite database.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require vmitchell85/things

Add a config settings with the path to your Things 3 SQLite database:

THINGS_PATH="/Users/{YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE}/Library/Group Containers/JLMPQHK86H.com.culturedcode.ThingsMac/Things Database.thingsdatabase/main.sqlite"

Note: The path listed above is the default as of this writing. Please replace {YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE} with the name of the User folder on your system


The following models are available with their available relationships:

  • Vmitchell85\Things\Task::class
    • rProjects() - Vmitchell85\Things\Project::class
    • rArea() - Vmitchell85\Things\Area::class
    • rChecklistItems() - Vmitchell85\Things\ChecklistItem::class
    • rTags() - Vmitchell85\Things\Tag::class
  • Vmitchell85\Things\Project::class
    • rTasks() - Vmitchell85\Things\Task::class
    • rArea() - Vmitchell85\Things\Area::class
  • Vmitchell85\Things\Area::class
    • rTasks() - Vmitchell85\Things\Task::class
    • rProjects() - Vmitchell85\Things\Project::class
    • rTags() - Vmitchell85\Things\Tag::class
  • Vmitchell85\Things\Tag::class
    • rTasks() - Vmitchell85\Things\Task::class
    • rAreas() - Vmitchell85\Things\Area::class
  • Vmitchell85\Things\ChecklistItem::class
    • rTask() - Vmitchell85\Things\Task::class

More details can be found in the Wiki (Work In Progress)

Note: Tables in the Things 3 database, in some instances, have column names that are the same as the desired relation name. To simplify and attempt to prevent confusion it was decided to prefix all relations with r. While this


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.