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This package allows you to still use SparkPost as MailDriver in Laravel.

This package is inspired by: and updated with driver from Laravel 5.8.x


Find the correct version to use in the table below:

Laravel version Version
6.x 2.x
7.x 3.x
8.x 4.x
9.x, 10.x 5.x


You can install the package via composer:

composer require vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver

If you're running an older version of Laravel, make sure you include the version number in your install. For example, for Laravel 8.x:

composer require vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver:4.x

The package will automatically register its service provider.


You will need to configure your Laravel installation before you can use Sparkpost.

1. Update config/services.php

You will need to add Sparkpost service to your config/services.php:

'sparkpost' => [
    'secret' => env('SPARKPOST_SECRET')

You can configure additional options there, too:

Sparkpost API options

You can define specific [SparkPost options] ( like open_tracking, click_tracking, transactional

EU GDPR compliance

You are able to use the EU endpoint for Europe GDPR compliance by setting the endpoint option or the default will be used.

SparkPost (default): SparkPost EU:

Guzzle options

You are able to specify Guzzle options in the SparkPost config section guzzle.

Just include the additional configuration in your config/services.php.

'sparkpost' => [
    'secret' => env('SPARKPOST_SECRET'),

    // optional guzzle specific configuration
    'guzzle' => [
        'verify' => true,
        'decode_content' => true,
    'options' => [
        // configure endpoint, if not default
        'endpoint' => env('SPARKPOST_ENDPOINT'),

        // optional Sparkpost API options go here
        'return_path' => '',
        'options' => [
            'open_tracking' => false,
            'click_tracking' => false,
            'transactional' => true,

2. Set API Key

You will also need to add the SparkPost API Key to your environment (.env) file:


3. Set Mail Driver

You need to set your mail driver to SparkPost.

You can do this by setting the environment variable MAIL_MAILER in your .env file


Or, alternatively by changing the driver in config/mail.php:

'driver' => env('MAIL_MAILER', 'sparkpost'),

Note: If you are still using Laravel 5, MAIL_MAILER will be referenced as MAIL_DRIVER.

4. Update config/mail.php

Finally, you will also need to add the sparkpost driver to the config/mail.php mailer section.

'mailers' => [
    'sparkpost' => [
        'transport' => 'sparkpost'

Note: Laravel 5 already includes this configuration, so you don't need to do it if you're using Laravel 5

Helper functions

Delete supressions


Validate single email address


Mail Subaccounts

To send an email using a SparkPost mail subaccount, add the desired subaccount id to the message header before sending:

$subaccount_id = 1234;
$this->withSymfonyMessage(function ($message) use ($subaccount_id) { // 'this' is a mailable
    $headers = $message->getHeaders();
    $headers->addTextHeader('subaccount_id', $subaccount_id);