Add offset pagination to wp-graphql

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v0.2.0 2020-05-06 07:36 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-07-28 09:27:34 UTC


Adds traditional offset pagination support to WPGraphQL. This is useful only when you need to implement:

  • Numbered links to the "pages"
  • Ordering with custom SQL
    • Read the tutorial
    • You should read it even if don't plan to use this plugin as it teaches you a lot about WPGraphQL internals!

You should not use this plugin if you can avoid it. The cursors in the wp-graphql core are faster and more efficient although this plugin should perform comparatively to a traditional WordPress pagination implementation.

This plugin implements offset pagination for post object (build-in and custom ones), content nodes and user connections. This means there's no WooCommerce for example but checkout this issue if you are interested in one.

PRs welcome for term connections. See


query Posts {
    posts(where: { offsetPagination: { size: 10, offset: 10 } }) {
        pageInfo {
            offsetPagination {
                # Boolean whether there are more nodes in this connection.
                # Eg. you can increment offset to get more nodes.
                # Use this to implement "fetch more" buttons etc.

                # True when there are previous nodes
                # Eg. you can decrement offset to get previous nodes.

                # Get the total node count in the connection. Using this
                # field activates total calculations which will make your
                # queries slower. Use with caution.
        nodes {

The where argument is the same for contentNodes and users.


Use must have WPGraphQL v0.8.4 or later installed.

If you use composer you can install it from Packagist

composer require valu/wp-graphql-offset-pagination

Otherwise you can clone it from Github to your plugins using the stable branch

cd wp-content/plugins
git clone --branch stable

Prior Art

This a reimplementation of darylldoyle/wp-graphql-offset-pagination by Daryll Doyle. The API is bit different but this one has unit&integration tests and support for latest WPGraphQL.