UVDesk Community Helpdesk Core Framework Bundle

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The standalone CoreFrameworkBundle lies at the heart of the UVDesk Community helpdesk, providing the core essential functionalities and integration tools to easily integrate any other community helpdesk packages, furhter extending the capabilities of the helpdesk system.

The core framework bundle comes loaded with the following features:

  • Ticket Query System - Easily transform your customer queries into tickets

  • Mailboxes - Pipeline your support email mailboxes directly into tickets for easy query managment

  • Email Templates - Draft your frequent query responses to improve your productivity and minimize response time

  • User Management System - Easily manage your support staff members into Admins, Groups & Teams with varying level of system privileges


This bundle can be easily integrated into any Symfony application (though it is recommended that you're using Symfony 4, or your project has a dependency on Symfony Flex, as things have changed drastically with the newer Symfony versions). Before continuing, make sure that you're using PHP 7 or higher and have Composer installed. You also need to ensure that you have the following PHP extensions installed:

To require the core framework bundle into your symfony project, simply run the following from your project root:

$ composer require uvdesk/core-framework


The CoreFrameworkBundle and libraries included within the bundle are released under the MIT or BSD license.