UVDesk Community Helpdesk Automations Bundle

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The UVDeskAutomationBundle introduces the ability to execute any special functionalities within your UVDesk Community helpdesk through the definition of events and actions, which can be futher automated by your support staff through the easily configurable Workflows and Prepared Responses.

The automation bundle comes loaded with the following features:

  • Workflows - Automatically execute any specific set of actions based on events trigged by the helpdesk system

  • Prepared Responses - Manually execute any specific set of actions from your helpdesk support panel


Before installing, make sure that you have Composer installed.

To require the automation bundle into your uvdesk community helpdesk project, simply run the following from your project root:

$ composer require uvdesk/automation-bundle


The UVDeskAutomationBundle and libraries included within the bundle are released under the MIT or BSD license.