Composer plugin that wraps all composer vendor packages inside your own namespace. Intended for WordPress plugins.

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Composer plugin that wraps all composer vendor packages inside your own namespace. Intended for WordPress plugins.

Built with ♥ by Typist Tech

Imposter Plugin is an open source project and completely free to use.

However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features is not sustainable without proper financial backing. If you have the capability, please consider donating using the links below:

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Wrapping all composer vendor packages inside your own namespace. Intended for WordPress plugins. Imposter Plugin is a composer plugin wrapper for Imposter.


Because of the lack of dependency management in WordPress, if two plugins bundled conflicting versions of the same package, hard-to-reproduce bugs arise. Monkey patching composer vendor packages, wrapping them inside your own namespace is a less-than-ideal solution to avoid such conflicts.



Installation should be done via composer, details of how to install composer can be found at https://getcomposer.org/.

First, add Imposter configuration in your composer.json

"extra": {
    "imposter": {
        "namespace": "My\\App\\Vendor",
        "excludes": [

Then, install via composer cli

composer require typisttech/imposter-plugin

See: Imposter readme for details.

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Sit Back and Relax

Once installed, this plugin hooks into composer install, composer update and composer dump-autoload, automatically run imposter for you. Besides, imposter plugin autoloads all modified files as classmap.

When those events triggered, this plugin:

  1. looks for /path/to/project/root/composer.json
  2. finds out vendor-dir
  3. finds out all required packages, including those required by dependencies
  4. finds out all autoload paths for all required packages
  5. prefixes all namespaces with the imposter-plugin namespace defined in your composer.json

Learn more on imposter's readme.

Known Issues

Help wanted. Pull requests are welcomed.

  1. Imposter run twice when composer install and composer update
  2. Traits are not transformed
  3. Virtual packages are not supported

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I find more information?

Learn more on imposter's readme for more details.

How about not hooking into composer commands?

Use imposter directly.

How to distrube impostified plugins?

  1. Switch to the lowest PHP version you support
  2. Install dependencies
    • $ composer install --no-dev --classmap-authoritative --prefer-dist
  3. Clean up the source code, e.g: remove test files
  4. Zip the source code. Tips: Use $ composer archive
  5. Send the zip to others / Commit to wp.org SVN. Tips:

How to install impostified plugins via composer?

Impostified plugins are meant to be commited to wp.org svn.

Using imposter means you forgo the ability to install the plugins with composer directly via packagist.org or VCS (even with type: wordpress-plugin in composer.json).

To composer require impostified plugins, use wpackagist.org.

The whole imposter situation is horrible. What can we do about it?

Until WordPress core comes up with a solution on dependency managment, keep clam and carry on.

In the meantime, checkout these tools to make WordPress suck less modernizing WordPress development:

Do you have real life examples that use this composer plugin?

Here you go:

Add your own here

Which composer versions are supported?

Both v1 and v2.

Will you add support for older PHP versions?

Never! This plugin will only work on actively supported PHP versions.

Don't use it on end of life or security fixes only PHP versions.

It looks awesome. Where can I find some more goodies like this

Where can I give 5-star reviews?

Thanks! Glad you like it. It's important to let me knows somebody is using this project. Please consider:


composer test
composer style:check


Here is a list of alternatives that I found. However, none of these satisfied my requirements.

If you know other similar projects, feel free to edit this section!

  • Mozart by Coen Jacobs

    • Works with PSR0 and PSR4
    • Dependency packages store in a different directory
  • PHP Scoper

    • Prefixes all PHP namespaces in a file/directory to isolate the code bundled in PHARs


Please provide feedback! We want to make this project as useful as possible. Please submit an issue and point out what you do and don't like, or fork the project and send pull requests. No issue is too small.

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within this project, please email us at imposter-plugin@typist.tech. All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed.


Imposter Plugin is a Typist Tech project and maintained by Tang Rufus, freelance developer for hire.

Full list of contributors can be found here.


Imposter Plugin is released under the MIT License.