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Laravel Notify is a Laravel 5 package that will let you send notification messages to various services.

Currently supported notification channels via Monolog

Version Compatibility

Laravel Laravel Notify
5.1.x 1.x
5.2.x 1.x
5.3.x 1.x
5.4.x 1.x
5.5.x 2.x
6.x 3.x and 4.x
7.x 4.x
8.x 4.x


Version 2.x uses Package Discovery. If you are using 1.x you will need to follow these instructions.

Install via composer - In the terminal:

composer require tylercd100/laravel-notify

Then you will need to run this in order to copy the config file.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Tylercd100\Notify\Providers\NotifyServiceProvider"


After you have changed your configuration file (config/notify.php) you can simply use it like so:

Notify::debug("This is a debug message!");
Notify::info("This is a info message!");
Notify::notice("This is a notice message!");
Notify::warning("This is a warning message!");
Notify::error("This is a error message!");
Notify::critical("This is a critical message!");
Notify::alert("This is a alert message!");
Notify::emergency("This is a emergency message!");

# Add context
Notify::info("This is a info message with context!",['user'=>$user, 'data'=>$data]);

Other Features

Laravel Notify also exposes extra Facades. To use them you will need to add them to your config/app.php file in your aliases array.

"Pushover"  => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Pushover::class,
"Flowdock"  => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Flowdock::class,
"FleepHook" => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\FleepHook::class,
"Slack"     => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Slack::class,
"Plivo"     => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Plivo::class,
"Twilio"    => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Twilio::class,
"Sentry"    => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Sentry::class,
"Mailgun"   => Tylercd100\Notify\Facades\Mailgun::class,

And then use them like this

Slack::info("This is information!");
Pushover::critical("Everything is broken and the server room caught fire!");