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#Trinity Search

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Trinity search is part of Trinity package.


  • Finds array of objects by given query

Base route:


##Syntax Append query to the base route. Query can be composed of:

  • (optional) Column selection - put columns which you want to return into simple brackets. If you want to access column from associated table, simply put colon and name of the column from associated table
  • (optional) Conditions - put conditions into curly brackets. Available operators: <, >, =, <=, >=, !=, AND, OR
{column1 > 500 AND column2 < 800 OR (column3 = <str>JohnDoe</str> AND column4 <= 20)}
  • String Values must be wrapped inside block
{name = <str>Jack</str> AND description LIKE <str>%it started as "game"%</str>}
  • (optional) Limit - for limit 5 rows simply append
  • (optional) Offset - for offset 10 rows simply append
  • (optional) Ordering - for ordering result, append keyword ORDER BY and then columns and directions by which you want to order, multiple columns ordering are supported - separate columns by comma
ORDERBY column1 ASC, column2 DESC


{defaultBillingPlan:initialPrice > "14"} LIMIT=10 OFFSET=0 ORDERBY clients:name ASC, defaultBillingPlan:initialPrice DESC