There is no license information available for the latest version (v0.2.0) of this package.

Kaskus SDK for PHP

v0.2.0 2015-07-14 07:56 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-07 19:58:27 UTC


This repository contains the open source PHP SDK that allows you to access Kaskus API from your PHP app.

This version of the Kaskus SDK for PHP requires

  • PHP 5.4 or greater.
  • Composer


  1. Require this library in your composer.json
  "require": {
    "tonoman3g/kaskus-php-sdk": "v0.2.0"
  1. Composer is a prerequisite for using Kaskus Sdk for PHP.

Install composer globally, then run composer install to install required files.

  1. Get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for your application.

  2. Require vendor/autoload.php in your application.

  3. Follow sample script for further usage


Minimal example:


// skip these two lines if you use composer 
define('KASKUS_SDK_SRC_DIR', '/path/to/kaskus-sdk-for-php/src/Kaskus/');
require __DIR__ . '/path/to/kaskus-sdk-for-php/autoload.php';

// skip this line if you do not use composer
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$consumerKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY';
$consumerSecret = 'YOUR_API_SECRET';

$client = new \Kaskus\KaskusClient($consumerKey, $consumerSecret);

try {
    $response = $client->get('v1/hot_threads');
    $forumList = $response->json();
} catch (\Kaskus\Exceptions\KaskusRequestException $exception) {
    // Kaskus Api returned an error
} catch (\Exception $exception) {
    // some other error occured

Login With Kaskus

Use this Oauth sample

Advance Usage

We use guzzle as HTTP Client, for further usage, read Guzzle

Api Documentation

GET /v1/hot_threads

Get all current hot threads

GET /v1/thread/<thread_id>?field=thread,thread_id,total_post,current_page,per_page,open,total_page,posts,profilepicture,post_username,post_userid,title,decoded,dateline,profilepicture,usertitle,post_id,reputation_box,pagetext,enable_reputation&page=1&limit=20

thread_id : thread id to read
field : fields name separated by comma that we want to filter from response
page : page that we want to read
limit : post per page that we want to read

Get thread detail for certain thread id