This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

PHP Library for integration with Uniteller payment processing.

0.2.1 2018-07-20 12:28 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-05-29 19:21:55 UTC


Uniteller PHP SDK


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PHP (5.6+) SDK for integration internet-acquiring of the Uniteller (unofficial). This documentation is available in Russian language. Also, this SDK integrated with Payum library and you can use gateway.


  • payment (method pay)
  • recurrent (method recurrent)
  • cancel (method unblock)
  • receive results
  • callback (method for verify incoming signature)
  • general error handler for any request
  • general statuses (In the requests/responses may to meet canceled or cancelled variants. They will be converted to general status like as cancelled.)


  • translate to English comments and system (error) messages
  • validation
  • implement method card
  • implement method confirm


For install package follow this command:

composer require tmconsulting/uniteller-php-sdk


A few usage example the current SDK your can found on the examples folder. Just follow instruction on file.

Configure credentials

$uniteller = new \Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Client();

Redirect to page payment

So, for redirect to page your enough to run payment method with parameters like as:

use Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Payment\PaymentBuilder;

$builder = new PaymentBuilder();
    ->setOrderIdp(mt_rand(10000, 99999))
    ->setCustomerIdp(mt_rand(10000, 99999))

// if you don't need redirect
// $uniteller->payment($builder)->getUri();

or use plain array

    'Order_IDP' => mt_rand(10000, 99999),
    // ... other parameters

Recurrent payment

use Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Recurrent\RecurrentBuilder;

$builder = (new RecurrentBuilder())
    ->setOrderIdp(mt_rand(10000, 99999))
    ->setParentOrderIdp(00000) // order id of any past payment
    ->setParentShopIdp($uniteller->getShopId()); // optional

$results = $uniteller->recurrent($builder);

or use plain array

$results = $uniteller->recurrent([
    'Order_IDP' => mt_rand(10000, 99999),
    // ... other parameters

Cancel payment

use Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Cancel\CancelBuilder;

$builder = (new CancelBuilder())->setBillNumber('RRN Number, (12 digits)');
$results = $uniteller->cancel($builder);


use Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Order\Status;

$results = $uniteller->cancel([
    'Billnumber' => 'RRN Number, (12 digits)',
    // ...

foreach ($results as $payment) {
    // see Tmconsulting\Uniteller\Order\Order for other methods.
    if ($payment->getStatus() === Status::CANCELLED) {
        // payment was cancelled

Receive results


$results = $uniteller->results([
    'ShopOrderNumber' => 'Order_IDP number'


// $results[0]->getCardNumber();

Callback (gateway notification)

Receive incoming parameters from gateway and verifying signature.

if (! $uniteller->verifyCallbackRequest(['all_parameters_from_post_with_signature'])) {
    return 'invalid_signature';