Catch all mail in Laravel and redirect it to a configured email address

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The target is to catch all the mail send by Laravel and send it to a configured email address. We found it useful to use it for acceptance environments where the client can check all the mail that is send by the application. This also catch the email that is send by a queue runner or an artisan command.


If you just want to see the mail directly and don't use a queue or artisan task to send the mail. You can use the Laravel Mail Preview Driver from Mohamed Said


You can install the Laravel Mail Catcher with composer with the command: composer require tjvb/laravel-mail-catchall

Manual register the service provider.

If you disable the package discovery you need to add TJVB\MailCatchall\MailCatchallServiceProvider::class, to the providers array in config/app.php

Publish the config file

Publish the config file with php artisan vendor:publish --provider="TJVB\MailCatchall\MailCatchallServiceProvider"


Set the MAILCATCHALL_ENABLED env variable (most used version is to set it in the .env file) to true
Set the MAILCATCHALL_RECEIVER env variable with the email address if the receiver.

Optional config

You have more options to change in the mailcatchall.php config file. You can enable or disable the appending of the receivers to the HTML or text mails.
The package blade views are published to your views directory (resources/views/vendor/mailcatchall) so that is the place to change the displaying.


We (try to) document all the changes in CHANGELOG so read it for more information.

Version compatibility

Laravel Mail CatchallLaravelPHP
1.05.0 - 5.67.0 - 7.2
1.15.0 - 5.77.0 - 7.2
2.05.7 - 5.87.2
2.15.7 - 5.87.2 - 7.3
2.25.7 - 67.2 - 7.3
2.35.7 - 77.2 - 7.4
3.06 - 87.3 - 7.4
3.16 - 87.3 - 8.0
3.26 - 87.3 - 8.1
4.098.0 - 8.1


You are welcome to contribute, read about it in CONTRIBUTING

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The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.