This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Contains examples how to use MBT Bundle

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ARCHIVED! The source code is moved to https://github.com/tienvx/mbt-examples

This Bundle contains examples code for MBT Bundle.


Generate code

$ tests/app/bin/console make:generator model_name ClassName
$ tests/app/bin/console make:subject model_name ClassName
$ tests/app/bin/console make:reducer model_name ClassName
$ tests/app/bin/console make:reporter model_name ClassName

Clear cache

$ tests/app/bin/console cache:clear

Test model

$ # This command will open new Chrome window, navigate to https://demo.opencart.com/
$ # Don't run this too much, to save bandwidth of OpenCart's demo page
$ env PANTHER_NO_HEADLESS=1 tests/app/bin/console mbt:model:test model_name --generator random --generator-options '{"maxSteps": 20}'


This package is available under the MIT license.