Laminas module for easy integration of Twitter Bootstrap

4.0.2 2021-01-12 13:02 UTC


Fork of (neilime/zf2-twb-bundle)[] updated for Laminas.

TwbBundle is a Laminas module for easy integration of the Twitter Bootstrap v3.

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⚠️ For Boostrap 4+, please use zf-twbs-helper-module ⚠️

Helping Project

❤️ If this project helps you reduce time to develop and/or you want to help the maintainer of this project. You can sponsor him. Thank you !


👍 If you wish to contribute to TwbsHelper, PRs are welcome! Please read the file.

Demonstration / example

Render forms, buttons, alerts with TwbBundle : see it in action on-line.


Name Version
php >=5.3.3
laminas/laminas-config 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-escaper 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-form 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-i18n 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-loader 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-log 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-modulemanager 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-mvc 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-serializer 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-servicemanager 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-stdlib 2.3.9
laminas/laminas-view 2.3.9


  1. Installation
  2. View Helpers
  3. Elements
  4. Global Options