Docker Container Manager CLI

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1.0.16 2022-09-20 03:50 UTC


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Command line interface for docker local environment


wget -O - -q | php --

After the installation, you can use the CLI by the command alias: dcm


  composer:exec        Execute a composer command. Alias: dcm c:e
  magento:bin          Execute bin/magento {option} from the CLI container as the www user. Alias: dcm m:b
  magento:c:elastic    Set catalog/search/elasticsearch7_server_hostname:
  magento:c:set        bin/magento config:sensitive:set. Alias: dcm m:c:set  [--scope="..."] [--scope-code="..."] path value
  magento:c:show       bin/magento config:show. Alias: dcm m:c:show
  magento:cc           bin/magento cache:clear command. Alias: dcm m:cc
  magento:reindex      bin/magento indexer:reindex command. Alias: dcm m:re
  magento:su           bin/magento setup:upgrade. Alias: dcm m:su
  project:chown        Reset project file ownership to www user.
  project:exec         Execute a command inside CLI container. Short version: dcm p:e
  project:info         Project information for each service
  project:new          Create a new docker local instance project
  project:php:modules  List php modules for the CLI container.
  project:restart      Restart docker containers. Short version: dcm p:r
  project:start        Start docker containers. Short version: dcm p:sta
  project:status       Lists status of containers.
  project:stop         Stop docker containers. Short version: dcm p:sto
  project:update       Update docker containers. Short version: dcm p:u. Restart container after this command.
  self:build           Build a new package of the Docker Container Manager CLI
  self:install         [self-install] Install or update CLI configuration files
  self:update          [self-update|selfupdate] Updates Dcm to the latest version
  services:db:dump     Create a database dump file
  services:db:import   Import database from a dump
  services:info        Local services information for each service

New Release Instructions

  • config.json
  • compile
  • git tag