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Cross-framework module for doctrine migrations

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Doctrine Migrations universal module

This package integrates Doctrine Migrations in any container-interop compatible framework/container.


composer require thecodingmachine/doctrine-migrations-universal-module

Once installed, you need to register the TheCodingMachine\DoctrineMigrationsServiceProvider into your container.

If your container supports thecodingmachine/discovery integration, you have nothing to do. Otherwise, refer to your framework or container's documentation to learn how to register service providers.


This service provider is meant to add support for Doctrine migrations in your application. It is expected that your application already has a Doctrine DBAL connection and a Symfony Console.

Both packages are dependencies of this package.

Expected values / services

This service provider expects the following configuration / services to be available:

Name Compulsory Description no The directory containing Doctrine migrations. By default, the service provider will guess it from your composer.json file.
doctrine_migrations.namespace no The namespace containing Doctrine migrations. By default, the service provider will guess it from your composer.json file.
doctrine_migrations.table_name no The name of the "versions" table created by Doctrine Migrations in your schema to keep track of applied migrations.

Provided services

This service provider provides the following services:

Service name Description
Doctrine\DBAL\Migrations\Configuration\Configuration An instance containing the configuration of Doctrine Migrations

Extended services

This service provider extends those services:

Name Compulsory Description
Symfony\Component\Console\Application yes The Symfony console

Project template courtesy of thecodingmachine/service-provider-template