A wrapper for mPDF class which allows to use mPDF in Symfony2 projects

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2.1.0 2020-12-10 08:27 UTC


Using Composer (Symfony 2.x, Symfony 3.0.x)

  • Run a command

    composer require tfox/mpdf-port-bundle
  • Add a new line to app/AppKernel.php:

    $bundles = array(
    new TFox\MpdfPortBundle\TFoxMpdfPortBundle(),

Using deps-file (Symfony 2.0.x)

  • Add a new entry to your deps file:

  • Add a new line to app/AppKernel.php:

    new TFox\MpdfPortBundle\TFoxMpdfPortBundle(), 
  • Add a new line to app/autoload.php:

    'TFox' => DIR.'/../vendor/bundles',
  • Run a command

    php bin/vendors install

A Quick Start guide

How to create a Response object

This small example creates a PDF document with format A4 and portrait orientation:

public function indexAction()
   return new \TFox\MpdfPortBundle\Response\PDFResponse($this->getMpdfService()->generatePdf('Hello World'));


@return \TFox\MpdfPortBundle\Service\PDFService */ private function getMpdfService() { return $this->get('t_fox_mpdf_port.pdf'); }

Generate a variable with PDF content

Sometimes it is necessary to get a variable which content is PDF document.

$myVar = $this->getMpdfService()->generatePdf('Hello World');

How to get an instance of \mPDF class

If you would like to work with mPDF class itself, you can use a getMpdf method:

$mpdf = new \Mpdf\Mpdf();

Additional options

Additional options might be passed via the second argument:

public function indexAction()
    return new \TFox\MpdfPortBundle\Response\PDFResponse($this->getMpdfService()->generatePdf('Hello World', array(
            'format' => 'A4-L' // A4 page, landscape orientation

Detailed description is available on official manual page: