ActiveCampaign API connector for APIv3

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This package provides a PHP SDK for the ActiveCampaign API (v3).

It is inspired by the code style of Laravel's Forge SDK.

For more information on the ActiveCampaign API, refer to their developer documentation.

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This package can be installed through Composer:

$ composer require testmonitor/activecampaign

Make sure to use Composer's autoload:

require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

Start by creating a new instance:

$activeCampaign = new ActiveCampaign(ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_URL, ACTIVE_CAMPAIGN_KEY);

Your API key can be found in your account on the Settings page under the "Developer" tab.


ActiveCampaign has announced that Organizations will be replaced by Accounts. As of version 4.0, this package will contain various changes to accommodate to this transition.

For this reason, some breaking changes had to be introduced. When you upgrade from 3.0 to 4.0, make sure to check any references to organizations (for example, in the createContact method) and replace them.


Once instantiated, you can simply call one of the methods provided by the SDK:


This will provide you with a list of available contacts.

To create a contact, you can use the createContact method:

$contact = $activeCampaign->createContact(

When the request was successful, $contact will contain a Contact object with the contact details.

To retrieve an existing contact or create it when it is missing:

$contact = $activeCampaign->findOrCreateContact(

When the request was successful, $contact will contain a Contact object with the contact details.


The package contains integration tests. You can run them using PHPUnit.

$ vendor/bin/phpunit


Refer to CHANGELOG for more information.


Refer to CONTRIBUTING for contributing details.



The MIT License (MIT). Refer to the License for more information.