API client for webling.ch

1.0.0 2019-10-29 11:03 UTC

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Last update: 2024-03-29 06:46:20 UTC


An API client for the REST API of webling.ch.

This client is currently used for our own projects and might not support all cases. Feel free to open issues or pull requests for questions or feature requests.


$ composer.phar require terminal42/webling-api ^2.0@dev

If you are using Symfony, we recommend using our Webling Bundle.


$subdomain  = 'meinverein';
$apiKey     = 'foobar';
$apiVersion = '1';

$client = new Client($subdomain, $apiKey, $apiVersion);

// Example call for member list:

The EntityManager

If you're looking for a more convenient way to work with the API instead of calling it directly, you can work with the EntityManager.

The main issue with the webling API is the fact that requesting resource lists (e.g. /member) will only return an array of object ID's instead of additional data like the member last name or first name.

The EntityList will take care of this and lazy load the additional details whenever you need them. That way you can easily iterate over a list of members:

$em = EntityManager::createForAccount($subdomain, $apiKey);

$entityList = $em->findAll('member');

foreach ($entityList as $member) {

    echo $member->getId();
    echo $member->getProperty('Name');
    // etc.

The QueryBuilder

The QueryBuilder components allows to find entities using complex search queries. It is highly recommended to use an IDE with code autocompletion for easy usage.

Example 1: find member by name

$qb = new QueryBuilder();
$query = $qb->where('Firstname')->isEqualTo('Max')->andWhere('Lastname')->isEqualTo('Muster')->build();

Result: Firstname = "Max" AND Lastname = "Muster"

Example 2: find member by complex conditions

$qb = new QueryBuilder();

$query = $qb

Result: '(Firstname = "Max" AND Lastname = "Muster") OR (Lastname = "Max" AND "Firstname" = "Muster")'