The Teen Quotes website.


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What is it?

This is the source code for the next release of Teen Quotes, using the awesome PHP framework Laravel.

What is Teen Quotes?

Teen Quotes lets teenagers share their daily thoughts and feelings. It describes their daily life and feelings in a few words that they can share with their friends.

Basic dependencies

  • PHP >= 5.5 with the PDO and MCrypt extensions
  • MySQL >= 5.6 (because we need to perform FULLTEXT search on InnoDB tables)
  • Redis server for cache and queues

External services I'm relying on

  • Mailgun for transactional emails
  • Mailchimp for newsletters
  • Easyrec for the recommendation system (not actively used for the moment)
  • Pushbullet for notifications for administrators
  • Bugsnag to track exceptions

How to run locally?

Update environment variables with your values in the file .env.example and then rename the file to .env.

Install packages, seed the datbase and run the local server with these commands:

$ composer install
$ php artisan migrate
$ php artisan db:seed
$ php artisan serve

Editing the front-end

If you want to edit JS files and Compass files, you will need to install Compass, node.js and some node.js packages. You can install them by running the following commands from the root directory:

# Install Gulp globally
$ yarn global add gulp
# Grab required packages
$ yarn install

And then take advantage of the Gulpfile:

$ gulp

Who did this?

Antoine AUGUSTI - http://www.antoine-augusti.fr

Under which license?

CC BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/