Utility for combining a bunch of php static code analyzers output.

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Phalyfusion is a tool for convenient and effective usage of multiple PHP static code analysers and QA tools. It runs analysers, combines its outputs and makes a single nice output in various formats:

  • Nice PHPStan-like table console output, groups errors by the file.
  • Checkstyle
  • Json

Currently supported analysers and tools:

Table of contents

How it works

For example, phpstan, phan and phpmd are required in the project. Then the analyzer output looks like this (for example phan):

Phan output

Phalyfusion combines the output of all analyzers and qa tools, groups them by file, and sorts them by line numbers. The resulting output looks like this:

Phalyfusion output


composer require --dev taptima/phalyfusion dev-master

Composer will install Phalyfusion’s executable in its bin-dir which defaults to vendor/bin.

Analysers should be installed individually.


After installing Phalyfusion you need to create phalyfusion.neon configuration file in the project root.

Config sample

        - phan
        - phpstan
        - psalm
        - phpmd
        - php-cs-fixer

        phan:           bin/phan -k .phan/config.php
        phpstan:        bin/phpstan analyse -c phpstan.neon --level 7
        psalm:          bin/psalm -c psalm.xml
        phpmd:          bin/phpmd src text cleancode
        php-cs-fixer:   "bin/php-cs-fixer fix --config=.php_cs"

Provide names of analysers (plugins) you want to use in usePlugins. Choose from: phan, phpstan, psalm, phpmd or php-cs-fixer. Provide command lines to run stated analysers. Paths are resolved relative to current working directory (the directory where from you are running Phalyfusion)

  • Note that each analyser should be individually installed and configured.
  • All supported by individual analysers arguments and options can be used in the corresponding command line (runCommands)
  • Output formats of the analysers are overridden. To choose Phalyfusion output format use --format option when running.
  • File\path arguments of analysers are NOT guaranteed to be overridden in case you pass such argument to Phalyfusion.
  • Do not state path/files options/arguments in runCommands, use paths argument of Phalyfusion or configure it in configs.


After configuring the tool and all used analysers run Phalyfusion.

$ php phalyfusion analyse [options] [--] [<files>...]

The analyse is a default command to run all connected plugins, so it is optional to specify it. The simplest run command looks like:

$ php phalyfusion
$ php phalyfusion analyse

Type $ php phalyfusion analyse --help to show all available options and arguments.


The files argument is Paths to files with source code to run analysis on. Separate multiple with a space. Do not pass directories. File paths from command lines stated in phalyfusion.neon runCommands will be used by default.


The -c, --config option is a path to neon config file. phalyfusion.neon located in project root is used by default.

The -f, --format option for the output format. Supported formats are table (default one), json, checkstyle.

The -p, --no-progress option to disable progress bar.