This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Syrup wrapper clone for bundle development

1.1.14 2014-03-03 11:36 UTC


Syrup is a framework for rapid development of Keboola Connection components (i.e. extractors). It is based on Symfony2 framework.

  1. Installing Syrup

When it comes to installing the Syrup, you have the following options.

  • Clone from BitBucket (recommended)
  • Download an Archive File

Create app/config/parameters.yml file.

Remove unwanted bundles from composer.json and app/AppKernel.php.

Run "composer update" from command line.

  1. Checking your System Configuration

Before starting coding, make sure that your local system is properly configured for Symfony.

Execute the check.php script from the command line:

php app/check.php

Access the config.php script from a browser:


If you get any warnings or recommendations, fix them before moving on.

  1. Getting started with Syrup


What's inside?