Provides user-definable templates within the CMS that can be applied to content trees. Allows specification of Layout and main templates, as well as associating css + js files

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2.0.5 2018-12-19 09:53 UTC


Allows cms users to apply templates that are created and defined within the CMS directly, including CSS and JavaScript files, to trees of content.

Getting started

Add the following to your Page_Controller class:

public function getViewer($action) {
    $viewer = parent::getViewer($action);

	$this->extend('updateViewer', $action, $viewer);

    return $viewer;

Add configuration to bind the extension into place

    - Symbiote\UserTemplates\UserTemplatesExtension
    - Symbiote\UserTemplates\UserTemplatesControllerExtension


Create a new template from the admin/templates section.

The Use of the template indicates whether it will be applied as a 'main' template or just the 'Layout' of the page.

The Content field should be defined as per a normal SilverStripe template

Any CSS or JS files uploaded will be included using Requirements:: calls

On a page, navigate to the Settings -> Theme tab. Select the relevant template to use.

If "Inherit" is set, then any parent page with a custom template defined will be used.


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