Symbiote Standard Implementation Set, Collaboration Package.

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Build Status

The recommended module compilation for a base project, which provides the most common, and what we consider to be, the most fundamental components when building an intuitive and flexible platform for both users and developers alike.

These module dependencies will be updated over time, so please keep an eye out for future releases!


  • SilverStripe 3.1 → 3.6

Getting Started

The recommended approach is to use composer, considering the large number of module dependencies.

What's Included?

Among some quality of life improvements, you'll find the following modules included (and their benefits below).


The foundation for this, please have a read through the documentation provided for an overview on what's included.


This provides an improved, and consistent HTML5 file upload experience.

Event Calendar

This provides a calendar for upcoming events.

Frontend Dashboards

This provides a landing page that each user can personalise.

Member Profiles

This provides the ability to customise a user registration and profile management page.


This provides powerful communication features that are commonly found across popular social media sites.


This provides the ability to easily manage and send notifications from your code.


This provides some improved dropdown fields.

Simple Wiki

This provides the ability to create wiki pages, that are editable by users (with permissions) on the fly.