Provides microblog type functionality for creating interactive sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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An alternative for providing blog-like functionality, following the direction of Reddit/Twitter/Facebook, but also allowing forum-like structures.

For full instructions, please see docs/en/ - or

composer require silverstripe/microblog

A summary of features

  • Markdown parsing of content
  • Auto-inspection of URLs for OpenGraph / OEmbed ability
  • Drag/drop file upload
  • @mentions of users
  • Threaded replies
  • Edit posts in-place
  • Can be used for comment/discussion threads on individual pages (timeline?target=Page,11)
  • Can be embedded in other pages using an iframe (timeline?embed=1)
  • Notifications (with the silverstripe-australia/notifications module installed)
  • Can be configured to resemble a forum, or left as a twitter / facebook style feed of posts
  • Create isolated blogs using the MicroBlogPage that allows direct configuring of how posts will appear / can be interacted with
  • /timeline provides a site-wide twitter-like stream of posts