This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the sulu/sulu package instead.

Symfony bundle that provides administration functionality

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This bundle is part of the Sulu Content Management Framework (CMF) and licensed under the MIT License.

The SuluAdminBundle builds on other sulu-cmf bundles.


  • General UI for Sulu Administration
  • Service for including own bundles in Sulu navigation


  • Symfony: 2.3.*
  • Sulu: dev-master
  • See also the require section of composer.json



  1. Install SuluAdminBundle with composer into a symfony project
  2. Install all the node modules with npm install (only require for grunt)

Live Development

There is a grunt task available to make editing and immediate testing of javascript files possible. Assuming that you have grunt installed you can let run the task with grunt watch --force in the root directory. All files will be copied to the correct location after you have edited them.

Building a production version

With the command grunt build you can build a new production version. All files will be optimized, and saved in a new location. That is Resources/public/dist for javascript and css, and a new template, which uses the optimized files in Resources/views/Admin/index.html.dist.twig.

PHP Unit Testing


PHP Mess Detector

phpmd . xml codesize,controversial,design,unusedcode --exclude vendor,Tests