A simple to use SDK builder for PHP.

v1.0.0 2020-03-25 13:56 UTC


Suitcase Builder SDK

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A simple to use SDK builder for PHP.


Via Composer

$ composer require suitcasephp/builder

How to use

Building the SDK

use Suitcase\Builder\SDK;

$sdk = SDK::make('');

Adding Resources to the SDK:

$sdk->add('posts', [
    'endpoint' => 'posts',
    'allows' => [
        'get', 'find', 'create', 'update', 'delete'

If you want to pass in a resource that follows the defaults:


What this will do is use the string passed in as a name and an endpoint, and pass through the default allows options - basically allowing all operations.

Selecting a resource is pretty simple:


What this will do is set the active resource on the SDK allowing you to use the allowed actions. A MethodNotAllowed is throw if the action is not registered in the allows array on the resource.

Performing actions on a resource:

$sdk->use('posts')->get(); // return all posts
$sdk->use('posts')->find(1); // return the post with an identifier of 1
$sdk->use('posts')->create([]); // create a new post
$sdk->use('posts')->update(1, []); // update a post with an identifier of 1
$sdk->use('posts')->delete(1); // delet the post with a identifier of 1

You also have the ability to append sub-resources onto the query using the new append method:


This will return a streamed response from the server from the URL: /posts/1/comments

Need to handle authenticated endpoints?

There is a relatively simple approach to this using this package, first you must have an API token or be using basic auth:

$sdk->use('users')->withAuthHeaders('your-api-token', 'Bearer')->get();

What happens here is the auth header will be set to: Authorization: Bearer your-api-token and added as a header in Guzzle. By default the type is not needed as it defaults to Bearer so omit this if you are using a bearer token.

Please note that API authentication is not the main aim of this package, it is just a welcomed addition for some scenarios.