Subscribe Pro PHP SDK

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This is our PHP client library for accessing the Subscribe Pro REST API. Our API documentation is available at

To learn more about Subscribe Pro you can visit us at


You can install our PHP client via Composer. Run the following command:

composer require subscribepro/subscribepro-php

To use the PHP client, use Composer's autoload:


Clean up code style

With php-cs-fixer v3.x installed, run this in project folder:

php-cs-fixer fix

Running the tests

With dev dependencies installed via composer (these will install phpunit >= 9.5), run this:


Getting Started

Simple usage looks like (example fetching a list of products):


use SubscribePro\Sdk;

// Set credentials
$clientId     = 'XXXX';
$clientSecret = 'XXXX';

// Set log message format
$messageFormat = "SUBSCRIBE PRO REST API Call: {method} - {uri}\nRequest body: {req_body}\n{code} {phrase}\nResponse body: {res_body}\n{error}\n";

// Create SDK object
// Setup with Platform API base url and credentials from Magento config
$sdk = new Sdk([
    'client_id' => $clientId,
    'client_secret' => $clientSecret,
    'logging_enable' => true,
    'logging_file_name' => 'var/log/subscribe_pro_api.log',
    'logging_message_format' => $messageFormat,
    'api_request_timeout' => 60,

$products = $sdk
    ->loadProducts(['sku' => 'SOME-EXAMPLE-SKU']);