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A Laravel based CRUD app framework.

1.0.1 2014-01-09 13:34 UTC

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Last update: 2022-11-26 04:38:46 UTC


A Laravel based admin app framework.


  • Quickly setup a CRUD admin app
  • Automatically generates forms suited to your models
  • Twitter Bootstrap stylesheets


  • Laravel 4
  • PHP 5.4.*


Add the following to your root composer.json

"stwt/mothership": "*"

Update your packages with composer update or install with composer install.

Update app.php

Once Composer has installed or updated your packages you need to register the Mothership with Laravel. Open up app/config/app.php and add the following to the providers key.


Next you need to alias Mothership's facade. Find the aliases key which should be below the providers key.

'Mothership'      => 'Stwt\Mothership\Mothership',


Mothership comes with package assets (css & js files). Publish these to your public directory.

php artisan asset:publish stwt/mothership


Mothership also comes with a config file. Publish this to your app/config directory.

php artisan config:publish stwt/mothership

Finally, run composer dump-autoload to updated your autoload class map

Creating your first Mothership


Any models to be used in the mothship should extend the MothershipModel class.

use Stwt\Mothership\MothershipModel as MothershipModel;

class Thing extends MothershipModel {


Resource controllers should extends the MothershipResourceController class.

use Stwt\Mothership\MothershipResourceController as MothershipResourceController;

class ThingController extends MothershipResourceController {


Add the new resource controller to your app/routes.php file.

Route::resource('admin/things', 'ThingController');