The Laravel Framework.

1.0.x-dev 2022-12-01 22:49 UTC

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Last update: 2022-12-01 22:50:09 UTC


This is a blank full stack project. Make something awesome with it!

Getting Started

  • Clone this repository locally.
  • Run composer install within the project.
  • Run cp .env.example .env and adjust as needed.
  • Run php artisan key:generate to secure the install.
  • Use php artisan serve to start your local server.
  • Use npm install && npm run dev to start your dev server.

What's Next?

Your streams project is now ready for you to start coding.


The package comes with the default Laravel App\Models\User pre-defined. If you would like to use it, besure to run migrations first.

php artisan migrate

Included Packages

First party packages: