Google Tag Manager Enhanced Ecommerce plugin for Sylius.


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1. Composer

composer require stefandoorn/sylius-google-tag-manager-enhanced-ecommerce-plugin

2. Follow installation instructions of required sub bundle

3. Load bundle

Add to the bundle list in app/AppKernel.php:

new StefanDoorn\SyliusGtmEnhancedEcommercePlugin\SyliusGtmEnhancedEcommercePlugin(),

4. Adjust configurations

Configure the features you would like to use/not. Find a base configuration reference by running:

bin/console config:dump-reference SyliusGtmEnhancedEcommercePlugin

5. Install assets

bin/console assets:install
bin/console sylius:install:assets
bin/console sylius:theme:assets:install

By default all features are enabled.


Each feature has it's own specific documentation.

Make sure to check that the required 'sonata_block_render_events' template events are available. Check the src/Resources/config/features/*.yml & src/Resources/config/services.yml for the definitions.

This is only to be checked if you've been overriding templates yourselves.

Features not supported (yet):

Cache Resolvers

It might be that your data resolvers give a performance hit, e.g. on the product show page. There are decorators available that allow you to cache the results for a set time in order. Take a look at the service definitions in cache_services.yml & the default configuration on how to enable this setting.