Google Tag Manager plugin for Sylius.

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1. Composer

composer require stefandoorn/google-tag-manager-plugin

2. Load bundle

Add to the bundle list:

new GtmPlugin\GtmPlugin(),

3. Follow installation instructions of required sub bundle (

Add to your configuration:

    enabled: true
    id: "GTM-XXXXXX"
    autoAppend: false

And also configure the features you would like to use from this plugin:

    inject: true
        environment: true
        route: true
        context: true
        events: true

In case you set autoAppend to false & also disable the inject setting inside this plugin, you have to manage loading of the GTM container yourself.

In case you set autoAppend to false & set inject to true, be aware of the following:

Required output to your HTML (head, body & footer) are done through events. Make sure the following 'sonata_block_render_events' are present in your views:


You can dump the default configuration using:

bin/console config:dump-reference GtmPlugin

5. Install assets (optional: only if you want to use events feature)

bin/console assets:install 
bin/console sylius:install:assets
bin/console sylius:theme:assets:install


  • environment: Send Symfony/Sylius environment to GTM
  • route: Send Symfony/Sylius route to GTM
  • context: Send Sylius context information to GTM (currency, locale, channel)
  • events: See below - allows you to register events easily from inside HTML using JS.


Register events from JS

var event = new GaEvent('category');
event.register(action, label, value);

Make sure also to listen for this specific event inside your GTM configuration.